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Although I love watching lifestyle and cooking shows, I never thought I would actually ever have the guts or courage to come out in one. Yet for some months, I have been praying about my new endeavor, Silver Platter and the grand plans I lay at Gods feet. Everything has been going smoothly in terms of setting up and operations but I knew we had to do more. Then one day, a dear friend, Stephanie Zubiri asked me to guest in her show and I impulsively said yes!  The minute I ended the call, my stomach started to churn at the thought of stepping out of my comfort zone as I don’t really like talking about myself or hearing my voice—yuck! I’d rather talk about the ingenuity of my countrymen and what we have to offer the world. But since it comes with the territory, and I have vowed to share all that I can with you. Here it is. My feature on Modern Living TV with the beautiful Stephanie Zubiri.

Silver Platter is my new line of specialty food that makes healthy and convenient meals for individuals and families on the go.  So far, we have two products which are our Holiday Truffle Chicken Spread which is a hit during the holidays when there is an abundance of truffle and cranberries. The other one is our CHICKEN-IN-A-BAG which is a festively flavoured roast chicken that you pop in the oven complete with cooking instructions. After the holidays, Silver Platter will have more in store for you so please stay tuned and follow us on instagram at @silverplatterph.

This feature on Modern Living TV would have been a total fail if it weren’t with someone as sweet, supportive, professional and down to earth as Stephanie who has an innate talent to make one feel right at ease. Thank you Stehanie for having me and allowing me to first launch Silver Platter here. Thank you also to all my readers, followers and loyal customers for all your support always.